moveloc 200/170/140 - adjustable seat post

Maximise your fun when biking – with the adjustable seat post moveloc

The trail you are following challenges you and your bike – downhill it conjures a smile on your face and thanks to your adjustable seat post you are mastering the short, sharp climbs easily.
Yet some passages already were on your mind when you were pedaling uphill. Because it is the key sections, that demand the decision: Getting off and carrying your bike or lowering your seat via quick release for maximum ease of movement and tackle the difficult section?

The moveloc seat post provides the solution for this problem. It starts there, where other seat posts reach their limits:

Incredibly large adjustment travel

Thanks to up to 200 mm adjustment travel, the "complete" lowering of the bike seat is not necessary anymore. Through the large travel adjustment, the moveloc seat post optimally uses the maximum lowering range that individually depends on the MTB frame.

In order to be able to provide the maximum ease of movement for any frame size resp. biker's size, the moveloc seat post is available in three different lengths (140 mm, 170 mm, 200 mm).

Maximum comfort, minimum weight

When biking downhill, the moveloc seat post provides maximum ease of movement and an optimum bike geometry through the lowering of the bike seat with just one thumb movement on the handlebar remote control. When biking uphill, the bike saddle goes back into the elevated position at the touch of a button and  within a split second.

Whether downhill or uphill – the moveloc seat post is thanks to its load-bearing construction particularly lightweight on the bike – for a maximum of power and ergonomics without compromising in stability.

Extremely reliable & particularly robust

The system is designed in such a way, that dirt cannot enter the mechanics. If the lever remote control once should fail, the moveloc can directly be adjusted via button on the seat post. For the assembly and disassembly of the seat post you just need the 2.5 / 5 mm Allen key of the minitool. 

Sticking out bowden cables resp. hydraulic lines are thanks to the the remote control that is positioned at the fixed outer tube of the seatpost also a thing of the past. For a plus in ease of movement, functional safety and reliability – even after years of use!