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From the moveloc seatpost to the leveloc rope travel adjustment –
uncompromising bike parts for more fun when riding your bike!

Vecnum combines solid engineering know-how with the passion for biking beyond the beaten track. We are also crossing borders when it comes to the development of function-safe, pracitcal bike equipment. This is why we do not want to further develop existing products, but realise new product ideas, that are born when being out biking. For this reason, we focus on a modern product development comprising the complete manufacturing of prototypes.

From the adjustable moveloc seatpost over the leveloc rope travel adjustment providing up to 80 % suspension travel reduction to further innovations – all our products are completely developed in-house until they are ready for series production.

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  • movelocAdjustable seat post

    Up to 200 mm adjustment travel and uncompromisingly reliable: The moveloc seat post combines these characteristics with a maximum of operating comfort.
  • levelocRope travel adjustment
    Up to 80 % reduced suspension travel for the perfect bike geometry. The universally suitable rope travel adjustment can be retrofitted to suspension forks of all brands offering an extremely low weight and comfortable handling – even during biking.
  • Split helmetProject-Preview

    • one helmet
    • two wearing options
    • adapted safet
moveloc1 leveloc2 Split-Helm3