Project preview: The split helmet

The Vecnum vision of the full-face helmet – a design study with future


"The protective equipment has to keep up with the innovations of bike suspension technology. This is why also a safety helmet should be suitable for uphill and downhill – without compromise."

This helmet is no substitute for the classic full-face helmet. It is designed for bikers who are climbing mountains by their own giving them an additional plus in safety and yet seeking the challenge when biking downhill. Through the development of the MTB suspensions, bikers can in the mean time dispose of lightweight bikes suitable for uphill biking, providing biking characteristics for downhill like they were demanded from pure downhill bikes only a few years ago.
These kind of bikes can only be moved responsibly on suitable trails and with suitable protection wear.

With our project preview, we would like to give you a new perspective on a new generation of a MTB helmet we are currently working on.

The Vecnum split helmet is a combination of a classic MTB helmet and a thought-out ventilated full-face helmet designed to stand the test in hard use. The maximum of protection and safety it provides during downhil makes it unique: The lower part with cheek pads and chin guard consists of an integral, all-round construction part that can be unclipped. The integrated, intuitively operable compulsory locking with rotary locking system provides, that the upper and lower part are connected the best way possible. In combination with the comfortable cheek pads, the helmet cannot slip during a crash or fall.

And this is what makes it so safe: That the locking mechanism between upper and lower part of the helmet reliably latches, the two front catches have to hook up via a rotary mechansim first. Through a lock on the back side of the helmet, both parts are locked. This ensures, that the helmet reliably protects the head and always lock correctly. Thanks to the thought-out rotary latching system this works quickly and intuitively. After the downhill section you can unlock the lower part of the helmet with one motion by pushing the button and stow it comfortably in your backpack. 

Of course, we also focused on the design with our "design study split helmet", in order to find the perfect solution of form and function.

Please not that the images are only functional samples!

According to the current planning, the split helmet will be ready for the market at the end of 2014!