leveloc - rope travel adjustment

Perfec bike geometry in the mountains – the Vecnum leveloc rope travel adjustment!

You are on your way to a trail, that is worth every effort. However, for biking uphill, you could imagine a far more comfortable sitting position.  Yet you also do not want to renounce on your fun bike for rapid downhill sections! Systems to lower your fork have not convinced you so far?

Then discover now the leveloc rope travel adjustment by Vecnum!

Up to 80 % reduced suspension travel

leveloc prevents unnecessary effort in favour of energy and ergonomics.

When the trail ascends steeply, the suspension travel can be reduced by up to 80 % at a twist of the hand – and while riding your bike. Thus, the steep angle when biking uphill is reduced easening your ascent and providing an ergonomic position.

That not only saves time, but also power.

Easiest operation & perfect handling

When reaching the summit, your tame bike becomes a downhill fun bike: The fork can be extended to full length within seconds by releasing the lever on the stem and by softly pushing the fork downwards with both hands on the handlebar.

Even when carrying your bike in terrain that is difficult to access or when stowing your bike in the car, the leveloc rope travel adjustment eases transport. Because thanks to the lowered fork, your bike is much more compact and easier to handle.

Universally suitable, lightweight & robust

The leveloc rope travel adjustment can easily be retrofitted to bikes of all brands. The almost maintenance-free and uncompromising technology is resistant to dirt and perfectly protected thanks to a neoprene tube. Due to its thought-out construction and the simple design, it is particularly lightweight.

The leveloc rope travel adjustment turns even your fun bike into a mountain goat!