Product development

As we are passionate bikers ourselves and at the same time engineers, we do not only "optimise" already available systems, but are always looking for new ideas and even more innovative solutions that we would like to launch. The conception of radically new approaches is what drives us further. In order to bringt them to product maturity, a prototype manufacturing with our own test-bench is essential. Therefore, we dispose of the latest consistent development systems. They also ensure a consistent process chain – starting with the raw drafts of first "visions" over the complete CAD-FEM-CAM chain up to the most modern 5-axis machining centres and a sustainable product verification procedure.
The manufacturing of prototypes is an important and central process in product development. This is why we manufacture all prototypes completely in-house. For us, a prototype not only embodies a visual model that is manufactured in the rapid prototyping process just to verify the design, our models are already completely usable products. When it comes to the production of samples, many ideas and improvements in terms of function optimisation are incorporated in the final design, so that we consider this step as an additional evolutionary stage.

Due to the associative integration of CAM in CAD and thanks to a parametric model structure, functional parts with different dimensions can be manufactured and tested very quickly.  Using high-quality materials for all of our developments is self-evident – for products that are one of a kind and absolutely correspond to the high demands and the hard use of passionate bikers.